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Ahh... Another Tuesday, another chance for all of us to beef up our brains with some good ol' trivia! Tuesdays also have another very special meaning for me. I live in Berlin, Germany, so given the time difference Tuesdays are my chance to catch up on MY new favorite show (next to Daredevil , [Better Call Saul](series:1028213)! Being that we just wrapped up the first season, I thought we'd explore the character of Bob Odenkirk and his legendary on screen persona, Saul Goodman.

I. 'Saul' Got His Start on SNL

Bob Odenkirk, the actor who plays Saul Goodman (aka James "Slippin Jimmy" McGill) was born Robert John Odenkirk, and in 1987 he actually got a gig writing for Saturday Night Live! However, four years later he would ditch the SNL crew because he was tired of working behind the camera. In the years to come our man Odenkirk really made a name for himself in the world of TV-Comedy. Before Breaking Bad he made cameo appearances in shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development and How I Met Your Mother. He also wrote for various other shows.

II. Saul's Haircut Was Odenkirk's Own Idea!

While sitting down with Terry Gross, Odenkirk made it known that Saul's hair style was his own creation. Saul sports a clean comb-over with an undeniable balding patch. In episodes where his hair is somewhat longer, he can also be seen rocking a light yet noticeable mullet! Odenkirk explained to Gross that all the elements of this hairstyle are reflective of Goodman's character. He's cleaned up on the sides, cause after all he is a professional. The comb-over is his attempt to be hip and young, and the mullet, cause well, party in the back. If you know Saul, you know what all of this adds up to.

III. Breaking Saul's Bad Knees

Remember how Saul was always complaining about his terrible knees in Breaking Bad? Well, at the time writer Thomas Schnauz admits that they didn't have a reason for that aspect of Saul's character. It was just something that happened. However, once they started to develop Slippin' Jimmy's backstory for Better Call Saul, it all tied in perfectly!

"We thought he must have taken a lot of bad hits on the ice of Chicago and he probably messed up his knees falling down all the time." - Schnauz

Pretty cool how that all worked out, right?

IV. Saul Goodman: Attorney At Law and.. Web Designer?

Bob Odenkirk didn't contribute as a writer for the series, but he is credited with creating a majority of the content for the show's website. The site is packed full of videos, jokes and sound bites from Saul's character that viewers of the shows will surely appreciate. In a lot of ways the site is an extension of Saul Goodman's character and of the show itself, it was another chance for Odenkirk to express his comedic side and add some context to Saul's personage. I wouldn't be surprised if the creators find some interesting us for the domain as the series continues to unravel!

V. Better Call Saul Started As An Inside Joke

While in the process of creating [Breaking Bad](series:200567), the writers for the show would often throw around lines and pitch different scenarios for Saul Goodman that they knew they couldn't use in the current show. They would joke about using the material for another show entirely, and years later what had once been a 'funny idea' inside the writers' room, turned into the show that we all now look forward to on Tuesday evenings. Another fun fact, Better Call Saul was originally only supposed to be a 30 minute comedy piece, not a series of 40 minute dramatic instalments.

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