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They Assembled They Assembled Good

I literally just got home from the cinema, and as promised this is my review on Avengers Age of Ultron.

This movie blew my mind! I was grinning from ear to ear straight off the bat. That opening scene perfectly set up what this movie is going to be, they mean business this isn't an origin anymore this is a sequel and that is exactly how it feels.

We were given everything we are promised and more, the trailers gave nothing away this movie is more than meets the eye. Loki's spear has way more to do in this then we think and the death. That death we were promised is a noble death. The character development is amazing in this! I never really had a favorite superhero in the MCU all of them were awesome but I could never be definite on who was my favorite after seeing this there is absolutely no doubt that Hawkeye is my absolute favorite. Clint Barton's development in this was awesome, in Avengers 1 he seemed like a straight up S.H.I.E.L.D agent, this movie humanizes him and he by far now is my favorite. Speaking of humanizing Vision's entrance into this movie is epic and crucial to this universe, he took this movie from 10 to 1000 in the matter of seconds, he is a very worthy addition to the universe. Two other additions to the MCU are in this movie Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver the Maximoff twins, I don't need to go into how they are different from the comics because we all know why, after seeing the trailers and the little snippets I thought those two could take me out of the movie but they didn't! Their accents are off but not that off that you go "ew that's cheesey" they are good, predictable but good.

Throughout the second act of this movie it dragged on a bit, but we had just had over 45 minutes of action so the talking of course will be a little boring. It is probably the only reason I gave this a nine point five but even then that's nit picking nothing is perfect. The new Avengers line up we all knew we were going to see is awesome, it's new and makes these movies feel like comic books years from now when I have children and there are different Avengers movies with different Avengers I can picture myself saying "the original 6 were the best." I have been worried that on the lead up to Infinity War these movies will lose their traction and lose attention after seeing this I know these movies and this universe will be a round for quite a while.

Thank you for reading my first ever review there will be more when the opportunity rises!

I will be doing more spoiler filled articles when the movie is released in America next week so I don't upset anyone

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