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Just a month ago, Ben Stiller and Own Wilson announced they would be making a sequel to 2001's hilarious hit, Zoolander, by parading down the catwalk for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week. Is there any other way?!

A month later, production is getting underway, and Derek's on-screen son has been cast! The lucky young man is Cyrus Arnold, a budding actor who will be playing the king of Blue Steel's son.

Check out a picture Stiller posted to his Instagram of the two of them below. He doesn't quite have the pout down yet, but I'm sure with Derek's expertise he will get there soon enough!

Although the two aren't actually related, it's funny to note that Cyrus actually bares an uncanny resemblance to Ben Stiller when he was a kid. Check of this photo of Ben and his dad from back when Ben was 12 years old for comparison!

Ben Stiller at 12 years old with his father
Ben Stiller at 12 years old with his father

Hopefully Derek will teach his son that there's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.


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