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In more great casting news, Bryan Singer recently revealed that Psylocke, the badass and beautiful psychic, ass-kicking mutant will be joining the who's who of mutants in X-Men: Apocalypse, and, even more interestingly, she will be brought to life by the equally badass and beautiful Olivia Munn!

These casting directors are really earning their money's worth.

Avid social media lover Singer dropped the exciting news on Twitter and Instagram, turning Apocalypse a veritable advent calendar of "WHO'S GONNA BE ANNOUNCED NEXT?!" Let's just say that she probably won't be the last to be dashed into the mix.

Excited to welcome @oliviamunn as Betsy Braddock! #Psylocke #XmenApocalypse #XMEN

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If you're not up on who Olivia Munn is, the actress, presenter, model and author first infected the geek consciousness in Attack of the Show, where she claimed her nickname of "geek goddess." She appeared in a number of films, with small roles in Iron Man 2, Magic Mike and the ill fated Johnny Depp vehicle Mortdecai, then shot to fame with a string of brilliant performances in HBO's The Newsroom.

Munn in The Newsroom
Munn in The Newsroom

Singer's coup raised a bunch of mixed reactions from the internet. While there are a spate of well wishers and people stoked for Munn's entrance into the comic-book cinematic universe...:

Naturally, there would be those who are opposed to the idea...:


Who Is Psylocke?

Yeah, that's a good question. Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, or Psylocke to fans and comrades, is the psychic, pant detesting sister of Captain Britain, who would go on to become Cap'n Brit for a short spell.

Braddock would later go on to acquire the body of Japanese female ninja Kwannon, and Jean Grey's telekinesis..., becoming the color purple loving, telekinetic katana generating queen of badassery we know her as today.

I think we should give Munn a chance and see how she fares, she's a great actress and is a super-geek, so we all know she'll be giving her all to portray Psylocke as awesome as she should be portrayed on the silver screen.

And, if this fan art is anything to go by, Singer and co. are definitely on to something...:

What do you think?

It'll be interesting to see how Singer and co. use this fan favorite mutant, and how much screen time she'll get. Because, man, this film is packed to bursting with awesome characters!

Here's hoping we don't get another Bishop on our hands...


Is Olivia Munn right for the role?

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