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The wonderful Sarah Michelle Gellar turned 38 today, and what better way to celebrate than a badass Buffy GIF for every year of her life? You're welcome!

38. A Shot to the Heart

Well, you can't argue with that.

37. Withering Gaze

That grade A stank eye is RuPaul worthy.

36. Wham Bam Clouting Ma'am

You can't argue with a good old fashioned cyborg smack down.

35. Ruthless Aim

Well, that was certainly heartfelt.

34. Glory Clunker

How does Glory's hair still look so perfect after that blunt force trauma?!

33. The Art of Living

Words to live by.

32. Prom Queen

The girls on my school's prom planning committee were a bit like this too!

31. All the Single Ladies!


30. Sick Burn

Whatever you do, don't watch Twilight, Buffy!

29. Seize the Day

Especially if your name happens to begin with B and end with Y...

28. Nobody Puts Buffy in the Corner

27. Halloween Darts

Now there's a sport I could get behind!

26. The Sword and the Prone

She doesn't just slay Vampires you know.

25. Pass-Agg Princess

And that's how you do an introduction!

24. Respect

A reasonable response.

23. The Pun is Mightier Than the Sword

You're always at full slayer power to me.

22. Changing with the Times

Never stagnate!

21. Gladiator, READY!

I'm betting on Buffy from the stance alone!


I hear you, girl!

19. Shut your Sound Hole!

Slaying it as always

18. A Trick Up Her Sleeve

...Or should I say stick?

17. Queen of the Slam

I use this one on my sister all the time.

16. Cereal Killer

Anyone who can work a box of cereal like that is a certified badass. End of.

15. Buddying Up

Buffy the sarcastic player.

14. Too Hot to Handle

Buffy knows she's not all about her looks. Do you?

13. Scarred and Triumphant

For all it's problems, Season 7 ended things right.

12. Heads Will Roll

Suck my scythe.

11. Beat the Faith

She totally deserved it.

10. Stake Slinger

Who needs a gun?

9. Let's Go!

Oh, wait... Never mind.

8. Never Back Down

When they beat your spirit, they've won.

7. Right in the Kisser!

If you plan on fighting the slayer, you better book that rhinoplasty in advance.

6. Fighting Talk

The wisdom of Buffy dictates that strength is enduring, not hiding your feelings.

5. True Dat

The shade of it all!

4. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Apocalypse?

All the '90s feels!

3. Nightmare Fuel

Dispelling myths that the stuff of nightmares can't be 5'2" and blonde.

2. Badass: The Musical

Anyone who can make a musical episode genuinely kick-ass is a true slayer.

1. And What's Left?

Buffy always know's her own worth.

Happy Birthday from Everyone at Moviepilot, Sarah!


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