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While you might know her best for her role as softly spoken Southern girl, Beth Greene from [The Walking Dead](series:201193), you're about to see Emily Kinney in a whole new light when she takes on the role of supervillain Brie Larvan a.k.a Bug-Eyed Bandit in The CW series [The Flash](series:1068303)!

Despite both series having comic books as their source material, the shows and characters could not be more different, and Emily Kinney herself has been chiming in to sum up just what we can expect from Brie that differs from what we saw of Beth over four seasons of The Walking Dead.

Speaking about getting into the character of Brie, and how she differs from Beth, Kinney told

"I do think that in this particular case, there was an outside element that helped me with the character, and that would be the costuming and the special effects and all of that. There are things about Brie that are very different from Beth. The way that she holds onto anger or holds onto a grudge, I think, is very different. I was able to key into different things, and so I feel like I'll come across very different. It's funny how just something like someone's clothing and hair will make you clue into something about their personality. I think those will help people distinguish between Beth and Brie."

No doubt that not being covered in dirt, grime and zombie guts will also make people realize that the two are entirely different characters! It will be quite a difference for fans used to seeing sweet Beth to see Kinney as this sassy, evil character.

The 29-year-old actress also explained the type of villain that Brie is, and just what kind of person we'll be seeing on The Flash:

"Brie is definitely…. she’s out for revenge. Her career was kind of halted and stalled when she got fired from her job and now she’s taking all of her computer skills and she makes these little mechanical bees and she uses the bees to cause problems for everyone and get revenge. But she’s very smart. She’s very sharp. You’ll see her costume is amazing. She dresses very sharp and sexy. She’s also very isolated. A lot of the things that she’ll do on the show Tuesday is from her little beehive cave. She’s always talking to these mechanical bees and they’re just computer bees. So she’s also a kind of person who is very isolated."

An isolated villain out for revenge with her mechanical bees? Sounds very, very intriguing! Kinney's Brie Larvan character is known as Bertram Larvan in the comics, so it will be interesting to see how the gender swap for this villain will look on the show.

The Flash screens Tuesday nights on The CW, be sure to tune in!

Source: Comicbook, IGN


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