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International superstar and all-round legend Robert Downey Jr. has granted fans access to a small, digital window into his life of debauched jet-setting, Hollywood stardom and general epicness, setting up a brand new Instagram feed that's sure to garner avid attention.

RDJ's profile has already amassed an impressive 95 thousand followers, in part due to the fact the actor has already posted some must-see pics featuring him and the cast of Age of Ultron chilling backstage with Jimmy Kimmel:

Come get me, Instagram...

A photo posted by Robert Downey, jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on

Not since the divine union of McFly and Busted have I seen so much beauty in one place.

He later posted this video of himself making a grand entrance (in classic RDJ style) at the Age of Ultron world premiere. Check it out:

Your heroes... #AgeOfUltron #LAPremier

A video posted by Robert Downey, jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on

What I wouldn't give to have been in that audience!

Us lowly civilian folk will have to wait until next month to catch the movie, which opens in theaters on May 1, 2015.

Make sure you follow RDJ's Instagram for all your voyeuristic needs!

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