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Prince Harry may recently have declared selfies to be 'over' - and if we aren't going to take our social media cues from a scion of the privileged British monarchy, then who are we going to take them from? - but that doesn't mean we have to stop enjoying the awesome, comic-book selfies of yesteryear.

Like, for instance, the fantastic variant covers that DC put out last summer, in which we got the chance to see our favorite DC superheroes getting their pose on, in a range of entirely character-befitting ways.

First up?

The Man of Steel Turns That Frown Upside Down

Quite literally...

Meanwhile, Alfred's Alone in the Bat-Cave

Which is clearly a bad idea...

Nightwing's Getting Up to Some Trouble

Poor Damian...

Batgirl's Showing Off

I mean, who wouldn't?

Wonder Woman Seems Bored

Or, at least, whimsical...

The Flash is Getting Confident

"Don't get cocky, kid."

Supergirl is Just Chilling

In mid air...

Superman's Being Superman

As always...

Jimmy Olsen Is Not Really Paying Attention

And, of course:

Batman Still Doesn't Like Selfies

Because he's Batman.

What do you think, though?

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