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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

We all know that superheroes are portrayed as the best, brightest and bravest stars of us, our communities and our planet. Sometimes they make mistakes, well... quite often actually, but they only make those mistakes to remind us that it's okay to be human and beautifully flawed.

But German car company Volkswagen took a bold leap with one of their more recent marketing campaigns, which depicts a few superpeople, being the brilliant men and women of the emergency services, dealing with Wolverine, Superman and the Hulk's immeasurable stupidity after a night out on the sauce.

Called "Drunk Superheroes," the campaign, designed by Costa Rican art director Fabio Obando, is a metaphor for the false sense of invincibility felt when intoxicated, and a stark reminder of the senseless tragedy that could, and most probably would, occur when driving under the influence.

Check them out:



The Hulk

As the campaign's tagline states, "don't let your ego drive you. If you drink don't drive."

Be safe, guys!

(Source: Geekologie)


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