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I love watching anything that has a good story behind it.

What started out as a crime drama is slowly churning its way to become a base for the origin stories of a number of comic characters. Though it solely had the Batman franchise to go with, the writers of the show have done an excellent job of taking things slow and letting the story of different characters unfold.

The story focuses on a young Jim Gordon and his life before Batman. So a viewer doesn't really need any knowledge of comic books to know what's happening in the show. That is where the writers have payed close attention to the thin line between attracting geeks who have read every Batman comic and others who don't even know who the caped crusader is. Every episode gives us a new character from the DC universe and some of them have glimpse of the young version of that character. I don't know about the others, but I am sure that 'The Blind Fortune Teller' showed the young Joker.

With other recurring characters like the Penguin, Selina Kyle, Ivy and Nygma (The Riddler), the show manages to keep you entertained and their back story will make you realize how important the life before the arrival of batman is to the superhero. After all it's our enemies that define us. The show also manages to keep the childhood of Bruce Wayne in the equation and that holds everything together if we expect batman to make an appearance in the near future.

I wonder what villain he will be.
I wonder what villain he will be.

My favorite episode was the one with the origin story of Scarecrow. Though others were detailed and fun to watch too, the story about Dr. Crane and his endeavors to conquer fear was beautifully written. The first season is gradually picking up its pace to heat up things in


Another good thing about the show is that it started the season with main focus on Penguin amongst all the villains, it is slowly shifting the storyline to other important characters as well.

My only wish from the writers is that they end the season with a small clip of young Bruce Wayne standing in a dark cave, scared, and bats flying towards him. The End


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