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At the beginning of the trailer we see Sarah somehow talking to a young John Connor. My theory is that the trailer is tricking us into thinking that this is John she is speaking to. I believe that she is really talking to a young Kyle Reese because how could she be talking to her younger son if she hasn't given birth to him yet or even have been impregnated with him yet. Also on IMDB the boy from the trailer is listed as Kyle Reese, and Kyles parents are listed to!

To compliment my theory, here are two people standing behind Sarah as she talks to the boy. Who could these people be? Kyles parents?! I guess we will have to wait and see!

This shot is very interesting. It reminds me a lot of the breakdown of the T-X in Terminator 3. Is this possibly how they are going to kill the T-5000 in the film? Another theory for this scene is that it could be that John is trying to remove the nano bites from his body. As we can see, as he walks away a form of his body is left behind.

Anyone else see this teddy bear? Is the terminator giving fluffy gifts now? Is that bear the savior of humanity? Or is that bear the T-1000??? So many questions to be answered!

Here Sarah is seen wearing a hospital gown. Why is she in the hospital? I'm wondering if this scene takes place after the insane bus scene on the Golden gate bridge. Also another thing, people have been asking how Sarah knows what John looks like because when he walks in the room, it appears that she know him. My theory on that is simple. When John walks in Kyle recognizes him and calls him John.

I am a big fan of the terminator TV show, and when I saw this I immediately thought of when Cameron was hit by a car in season 1. I don't know if this is a reference that was intentional but it is funny that by the look of the trailers, the movie has a TSCC feel to it.

Was the T-5000 sent back to build a time machine? Or was Skynet just building there facilities before the war.

comes to theaters July 1st.


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