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We all know that Elena Gilbert will be leaving Mystic Falls for the final time this season, but only Julie Plec knows how the seminal character will be making her exit.

That won't stop us all from guessing though! Luckily, our frantic speculation is being thoroughly supported by [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) big boss, and Plec has even challenged the fandom to correctly guess just how the end of Elena will come about.

Plec told Entertainment Weekly that fans are welcome to submit their theories and she is offering a prize to anyone who lucks out and guesses right. Plec explained:

If by some miracle someone in this section is actually right. I will personally take them to lunch—or a Skype cocktail hour—to talk about being a writer because clearly they should be one
Nina Dobrev and Julie Plec
Nina Dobrev and Julie Plec

This is a huge challenge seeing as we have a handful of episodes of Season 6 left and Elena will probably be around until the bitter end, but I will have a stab at it if you guys will. I just hope I'm not too wrong for humiliations sake!

My theory is that they won't kill Elena off to avoid upsetting the fans even more and that Damon will be instrumental to Elena walking out of Mystic Falls for good. I think it's possible that Damon will give Elena the cure to allow her to live her dream of being human again and take her to visit Jeremy before compelling her to forget all the supernatural things that have happened to her.

This ultimate sacrifice will show Damon's deep and selfless love for Elena is more important than his own happiness and give Delena a satisfying end for their enormous team of shippers.

Do you think you can do better? Leave your own theory in the comments below and if I get enough well-thought-out answers, I'll make an article just for you guys.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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