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This week I have dished up some supreme weirdness from my native Australia, you may have seen the amazing gif above around the internet. It came out in 2007 from director Dario Russo as his final year project while attending Flinders University in Adelaide.

The faux trailer was shot in one day and Russo used 16 mm film and an older style camera to achieve an authentic look similar to that of exploitation films of the 60s.

Check out the complete masterpiece below.

If you enjoyed that, you'll be pleased to know that the South Australian Film Cooperation funded a "full length" film that aired in weekly instalments on channel SBS in Australia. Be sure to get a load of the 40 minute movie yourself.

Dario Russo and his filmmaking partner David Ashby went on to make another cult hit TV series called Danger 5, a comedy about a spy group tasked with assassinating Adolf Hitler.

So, if you have any weird videos to share with us, or anything weird at all that you really want to inflict on others then join on every Wednesday! And don't forget to get ready for tomorrow which is Throwback Thursday!


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