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Just finished watching Marvel's [Daredevil](movie:47230) and i have to say that this is one of the most awesome comic television adaptation after the joke of Dc arrow and Flash aired . All of the characters showed too much promised but they lack the aspect of comic and have gone on the direction of drama in the process. The mindset of the producers and directors might have also played a certain role in the development of both Dc characters as they are too much on the family side of proceedings. What a time to release a series about a superhero with human strength and heighten sense of hearing. The growth of the hero is due to an unknown man ,stick . He took the burden of being his master/father figure after his own father's death. He was responsible for teaching the young Matt all the martial art skills also the special skill of healing through meditation ( Yes , he has healing skills as-well)
( Pssh.... i am dc fan boy, grew up with justice league and Batman Animated Series)

A darker approach to the comic universe with all the aspects of stunts, acting, casting all being at the highest point. The main survival of this television adaptation depended upon the story telling abilities of the writer as well as the acting efforts layered by the actors in this series of comic turned television real life adaptation. Daredevil (Matt) is an awesome actor with skills of acting of top notch, he plays the character to the extreme. His craft as a blind person is too awesome and he doesn't even loose focus at the uneven period's of the episodes.(the glasses helped him as-well). His fighting skills are of five stars as he seems to have put in work with all the action sequences taking place as u ride on the tide of the series. Some fewer episodes seems to have lost some steam but the boiling point is always near.

Matt mordon aka Daredevil portrayed by Charlie cox
Matt mordon aka Daredevil portrayed by Charlie cox

Where as, Kingpin played by Vincent D'onofrio is at a very scary level, his depth in portrayal of the king of Hell's kitchen has detailed touch to it , the body movement, facial expression all are at a very high level. This adds to the experience of an acting genius that he is. This portrayal of him as kingpin is certain to win him some awards in the future.

Kingpin portrayed by  Vincent D'Onofrio.
Kingpin portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Their younger forms which has been later attached to the origins of both main actors have played exceptional part as well. The casting has been at the top level as both seemed to have the charisma of acting at their disposal and didn't made it feel awkward when the real form came at the peak of the episodes.

The fight scenes are performed at a mainstream movie level, it might get an approval from the master of different craft batman himself. Both kingpin and daredevil have done their homework and presented a realistic art of fighting and violence.

Batman Approved.
Batman Approved.

The real success of this season seems to have been in the balance of making this a real comic thread rather then turning it to a drama like environment. Other series have gone through the drama rail road and therefore have lacked the essence in the experience provided to the consumers. At the end of the first season, the birth of an inch experienced daredevil is shown and a birth of a new and better version of daredevil is set to take on nemesis like Bulls-eye. All i can say at the moment is bring it on, the couch is ready and the popcorn is about to get all the justice it deserves.


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