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It's been a while since there have been any solid leads on the sate of affairs with Prometheus 2. A short while ago we got a hint from Alien 5 mastermind Neil Blomkamp, that Prometheus 2 was definitely still on the mind of director Ridley Scott - so much so that the two of them had to have meeting to make sure that neither movie would contradict the other as they headed for production.

All has been relatively quiet since then but just days ago the folks over at Scified revealed that they may have come a cross an interesting scoop as to where Prometheus 2 is heading. While this potential Prometheus 2 plot leak definitely falls in the category of rumor since it naturally hasn't been confirmed - the source seems somewhat legitimate and and it does line up with what has been reported previously, even lining up with what Ridley Scott has let slip.

Prometheus 2: The Journey to Planet Engineer

This new rumor runs down a lot of the major elements that are said to be in play for Prometheus 2. It sounds like it will pick up where Prometheus left off and we will follow David and Shaw as they head towards the Engineer's planet. But since they will be inactive during the journey there - Prometheus 2 will have a couple of other stories running concurrently to that of David and Shaw. More than a few of these plot threads will be picking up the story that more or less ended during this scene...

With the cast said to be expanding and larger than that of Prometheus, this new rumor does back up a previous report containing a Prometheus 2 plot leak. Both The Wrap and Omega Underground ran stories about the work being done on fine tuning the script for Prometheus 2. Recently the writer for the potential Blade Runner sequel was brought on board to hammer out a new draft for Prometheus 2.

Prometheus 2: More Davids More Black Goo

In these stories, there was talk about multiple Davids being used in a return trip to the planet (or moon) that was the focus of Prometheus, LV-223. Despite the fact that nearly everyone died last time Weyland sent people up there - it's determined that there is still potential - but this time a bigger team is sent with more than one David and a military style back-up team.

As Ridley Scott has said before, this new rumor tells us that there will be new aliens that aren't strictly the kind of Xenomorphs that we've seen before though they would be related to the familiar Alien beast. Elements of Prometheus will continue to be explored - such as the "black goo" and the intentions behind the Engineers who will be revealed to only be life forms that are working for a higher power. It's said that David will find a similarity between himself and the Engineers and continue on his fixation with wanting to play god himself.

This taps into the idea that Prometheus 2 will dive into some of the ideas that got cut out or left behind in the first Prometheus. The "black goo" is said to be revealed as not a weapon but rather as the stuff that life is made of - that fire and spark that Weyland was going on about in that TED Talk of his.

Prometheus 2 is said to be raising more questions, and hopefully answering them this time, about what exactly are the motivations of the Engineers - or who/whatever may be giving them their marching orders. The rumors cite The Matrix and Blade Runner as two similarities to what the ancient gods that sent the Engineer's off on their failed mission were up to.

The Prometheus 2 - Alien 5 Connection?

One of the more interesting bits in this new possible plot leak for Prometheus 2 is the mention of the movie making connections to the Prometheus moon/planet of LV-223 and the one that the Nostromo crew of Alien landed on, LV-426. As well, elements of the original screenplay for Alien, once titled "Space Beast" are rumored to be finding it's way into Prometheus 2. This could have something to do with certain parts of Neil Blomkamp's Alien movie that were said to be needing some adjustments to accommodate Prometheus 2.

If you've seen the concept art for Neil Blomkamp's Alien movie, you've seen that one of the Engineer's ships might make it's way into the hands of the Weyland corporation and they've about experimenting and investigating the ship. We'll have to see what Blomkamp has up his sleeve and whether this is supposed to be the same derelict ship that somehow survived the events of Aliens or if this is the derelict ship from Prometheus.

Say what you will about the first Prometheus and all its dangling threads and unanswered questions - this is a world that has so many possibilities for more great stories and it's a good time to be a fan of the Alien universe with both Prometheus 2 and Neil Blomkamp's [Alien 5](movie:1468950) movie on the horizon.

What do you think? Do these rumors for [Prometheus 2](movie:512281) make you interested in revisiting this world? Leave a comment below!


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