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As with every premier episode for each season following the first, this episode was one that retraces steps from most characters prior to where we’ve found them. We saw Dany finding it harder and harder to rule, Tyrion was released from a crate, Sansa is with Littlefinger, Jamie is in mourning, Jon Snow is still a badass at Castle Black and Cersei hasn’t stopped being the bitch of Westeros. With everything that happened during Season 4, there are still new happenings already upon us in Season 5 that are going to lead to some decisions to be made.

Speaking of decisions … I think I’ll refer to this week’s episode as:

the episode of choices

Choices Must Be Made

I’ll try and keep this review short because I could go on and on about every last little detail that we watched in that very short hour of time. Let’s just do a simple list to keep things moving … here are some key choices that were made or that are going to be made in the future.

Jon Snow’s Choices

Jon was faced with making the choice of whether to let the events unfold in front of him or to stand up for what he knows is right. Will his choice that he made at the end of the episode come back to haunt him? Time will tell I suppose.

Dany’s Choices

Miss Targaryen had a few choices this week. She had to choose whether or not to waiver with her decision on facing the masked intruders and she also had to decide on what she should do about her children. (aka the dragons) It seems that if she should make any decision going forward, she’s going to need her babies help if she is ever going to amount to anything.

Jamie’s Choices

Jamie made the choice to let Tyrion go because he believed that his brother – his own flesh and blood – was innocent of what his sister had accused him of. That decision ultimately led to his father’s demise. Granted his father was a son of a b*tch but that doesn’t mean Jamie wouldn’t still mourn his father’s passing. Now he’s faced with the task of choosing what to do next. Does he heed his sister’s beckoning or does he go down the path he’s started by clearing his name and becoming the man he knows himself to be…?

Tyrion’s Choices

Speaking of the Lannisters – Tyrion has found himself in an extremely different situation. Now that he’s escaped the clutches of King’s Landing, he is able to drink himself to death. That is, until Varys gives him an idea that maybe he can play a part of a bigger story by helping the Mother of Dragons claim the Iron Throne and help bring Westeros back into a time of peace and prosperity. Will the dwarf play his part or will he find some other scheme that works to his advantage?

Brienne’s Choices

Arya refused her aid and now she’s a woman who will not refer to herself as a knight paling around with a wannabe squire out in the middle of the wilderness. Will she continue with her vow and seek out Sansa in hopes of protecting her? Or will she give up and find a new quest with her buddy Podrick in tow?

Cersei’s Choices

I really despise this character and I loathe her the more and more that I see her. (which is a great testament to the actress portraying her) We’re given an early glimpse into Cersei’s childhood where she has made the ultimate choice – to know her future from the blood sucking witch. So it begs the question, does that imply that there are no choices to be made and she is only a pawn in a much larger game of thrones? (haha – *chuckles at his own cleverness)

Ending Thought

As with every episode of Game of Thrones we’re only shown bits and pieces of a much larger story unfolding and I for one am so glad to be back in Westeros watching it all and taking every second in. Did a lot of exciting things happen this episode? No. But what season opener has ever been that exciting – really? What the writers do so well with this series is that they tell a compelling story we all tune in to watch every Sunday. This time around we found ourselves in familiar situations where we had left off and were given a few quick glances at some unfamiliar characters that will eventually have a bigger role in the game to come.

What about the readers – did you see other choices having to be made in the first episode of Season 5? Let me know what you thought of the debut and how you think things will pan out from here!

*side note – did anyone else think that they might’ve blown the entire CGI budget for the entire season on that one dragon scene in the dungeon!? (that was awesome)


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