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Hello and Welcome, MoviePilot goers. This post is comprised of my thoughts and ideas, considering the current state of the MCU as a whole.

Since Marvel has introduced an earlier era of the MCU, it got me thinking. Marvel aired a miniseries for Agent Carter, one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was based in the 1940's. Now, with [Ant-Man](movie:9048) being released within the next few months, they will be delving into the history of the MCU even more through the supposed use of flashbacks. We all know that Scott Lang was not the first to don the name and costume of Ant-Man, and if you did not know that, it will be made clear in the movie (if you can't already tell from the trailers or movie news). This raises the question, why? Now, I am sure some people will say that Marvel's choice to not use Hank Pym as Ant-Man is reflective upon the fact that they did not want him to be the creator of Ultron in the MCU, unlike the comics.

Sorry for the terrible quality.
Sorry for the terrible quality.

I believe, however, that this is not the case. Personally, I feel that Marvel may be laying the groundwork for an early team-up type of movie. We know, from the existence of Hank Pym, that heroes did, in fact, exist in the early days, as well as the early stages of S.H.I.E.L.D. Based solely upon these two interesting facts, I believe that there could be an early Avengers/team-up type of movie on the way within the next few years, maybe even after the current slate of films have already played out.

So, the next question would be "who else would be on this team?". Listed below are some of the people I would include:


Her picture is listed above, so I will not post it again. On this team, Agent Carter would play the role of Nick Fury. A team leader of sorts and the bridge between the heroes and the government.


You gotta have some soldiers, right?


Pym's role would be similar to Tony Stark/Iron Man. You always need a smart guy.


Other than these seemingly obvious choices, I think it would be tricky to work in other superpowered/tech-driven heroes from an earlier era. If you have any suggestions on who else you would add, tell me in the comments below!


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