ByRebecca Teschner, writer at
Rebecca Teschner

Well I never thought that I would say that a show has a plot hole but the one Ever After High has is really big.

So we all know that in this show the characters are son's and daughters of fairy tail characters but there are three that should be related in the show but isn't. you might be asking who are you talking about? well I'm talking about Apple White, and Dexter Charming. Well in the show it says that Apple White is the daughter of Snow White. While Dexter Charming is son of Prince Charming. Since this is the case they should be related by blood, but they aren't. why are they not related? Well I looked it up and Wikipedia say its because he's son of every story where a Prince Charming comes to the rescue, but this reason just doesn't make sense, because they don't all have that name. tell me in the comments what do you think or if your a creator right a post about it.


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