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Beastie Boy Ad-Rock, a.k.a. Adam Horovitz, loves the show [The Walking Dead](series:201193). I mean, who doesn't? But unlike a lot of celebrities who want to be on the show, Ad-Rock's preferred cameo includes being a friend or distant relative of Daryl Dixon and arriving on the scene with bagels and lox.

Check out his hilarious quote to Entertainment Weekly:

“Every moment of that show.… I would love to be in The Walking Dead. I don’t want to be a zombie. I want to be like [Daryl’s] friend from the city. Like a distant relative—‘He’s my uncle’s friend from New York.’ They’re not going to have that, are they? I’d show up with like a PBS tote bag and something from Zabar’s—be like, ‘Hey, I got lox! Who wants bagels?’”

I'm sorry to burst Ad-Rock's bubble and I'm sure people would love a good bagel - maybe toasted with everything on it - but I don't necessarily see that happening on the show. However, I am all for his enthusiasm. I'm sure he would be an awesome addition.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Beastie Boys band member actually will be making his acting debut. He has a small role on Adam Sandler's While We're Young. He's also a legend and I'm sure he could handle a performance.



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