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Between six generations, 39 legendaries, and 721 total Pokémon, there's a lot of potential for artists to create their own takes on the Pokémon universe. Some go for cartoony, some go for adorable, but freelance illustrator RJ Palmer (who works under the name arvalis on DeviantArt) goes for fully realistic. And the results are terrifyingly awesome.

Palmer selects a variety of Pokémon to appear in his series, and they're all upgraded to be their appropriate size, often alongside some similar types. Let's just say that seeing the sheer size and imposing appearance of these guys is making me rethinking wanting to be a real-life trainer.

For some specially selected Pokémon, Palmer creates unbelievable GIFs. Check them out below.


The detail that goes into sizing every Pokémon (and shadowy trainer) to the right proportion really makes this amazing for me. The Despot Pokémon gets an appropriate representation of his life cycle, considering you must have the Jaw Fossil in order to have him in your party at all. Plus, you've gotta love the feathers.


Groudon's getting ready to expand some continents. Magmar's got the right idea, and he and his duckbill are heading in the opposite direction.


I can feel the higher-ups at SeaWorld already trying to get a piece of Kyogre for their latest show.


You can't have the weather trio without Rayquaza, who appears decidedly less concerned with quelling conflict as he does with nabbing his next meal. Also, I love the Altaria cameo.

Be sure to check out arvalis's DeviantArt page for way more Pokémon fan art. I've only included his animated work, but his static images are just as incredible and really create an entire world that's just as immersive as the games. I'm dying for a live-action movie with Pokémon that look just like this.


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