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Happy Tuesday everyone! It's almost here! Just under three weeks until the movie that we've all been waiting for! Avengers: Age of Ultron is perhaps the most anticipated Marvel movie of all time, and for good reason. It's going to completely change the tone of the superhero movies that we've grown familiar with. To help make the wait shorter, here are some behind-the scenes trivia tidbits which you may or may not know.

Viral Exposure

When the trailer first came out, it gained over 70 million views. This beat out Iron Man 3's record for most viewed Marvel trailer (Iron Man 3 garnered about 60 million views).

Hesitant Acceptance

Aaron Tyler-Johnson wasn't initially keen to play Quicksilver because he was concerned with the intensity of Marvel contracts. He was also unsure of being part of such a large cast, but after a year, Joss Whedon finally convinced him to take the role. Aaron was comforted in learning that his friend Elizabeth Olsen would also be in the movie.

Everybody Dance Now

On the last day of filming, the cast realized that they didn't have a "wrap-up party" planned. Therefore, when they finished filming, Joss Whedon's and the rest of the cast walked around a small Italian town until they found a small club, where they danced until 4 in the morning.

God-like Composure

Aaron Tyler-Johnson (who plays Quicksilver) gave fond comments of Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Thor.

"The only one who has an otherworldly superhero physique is Hemsworth. The size of his arms is like the size of my thighs. Just to be an actor and transform your physique and body to that level, he's essentially a God."

His Time Will Come

Thanos (the purple guy in Guardians of the Galaxy) was originally intended to be the villain for the second Avengers. He was moved to Avengers: Infinity War instead because director Joss Whedon's thought that Ultron would be the perfect villain for the sequel.

So Many Special Effects...

Even though Guardians of the Galaxy is set on space, with aliens and exotic planets, the Earth-Based Age of Ultron has more VFX shots. Age of Ultron has over 3,000 shots, and Guardians only has about 2,750.

A Convincing Disguise

Since Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during filming, she had to use several stunt doubles. They looked so similar to Johansson that Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, would start up a conversation with one of them without realizing that it wasn't Scarlett herself.

Which Witch?

Several actresses were considered for the role of Scarlett Witch including Sasha Pieterse and Saoirse Ronan. Even Lindsay Lohan auditioned for the role.

The One True Hulk

Lou Ferrigno helped voice the Hulk in this movie, and this is hardly his first time. He has also voiced the Hulk in both versions of the Incredible Hulk (the 1978 and the 2008 versions) and several animated adaptations.

Global Participation

In order to get "a number of looks and textures and moods", the film was shot all around the world, including in South Africa, Italy, Korea, and England.

AdamantIum vs. Iron

Hugh Jackman wanted his character Wolverine to be in an Avengers movie, even though Marvel doesn't have the rights to the character. Jackman said that he wants Wolverine to fight Iron Man.


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