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  • #5 Bigger Budget

The budgets on these films have always been around $65 million. These films have only gotten bigger and bigger as the franchise has evolved. In RE5 Paul was forced to cut many scenes from the film because of budget problems. Some of those scenes that were cut actually hurt the film and turned it into a straight action film with barley any dialog or character building. Their was a scene with a line up of flashbacks that showed the origin of each of the new characters in the film, but that scene was cut due to budget. I'm suggesting a budget of maybe $100 million to make sure the film can the best it can be. Also it would boost the VFX in the film to help with world building.

  • #4 Better acting

Ever since RE4 the acting in these films has declined majorly. Before the fourth installment, if there was one thing you couldn't say, it was that the films had bad acting. Now, I'm not saying that they had Oscar worthy performances, but they were believable and good for the films they were in. All of the acting in the last to films are so bad that you can tell that you can tell they are acting. I'm sorry to say that even Milla herself has not been up to par, which is a shame.

  • #3 Run time

All of the RE films come in around 90 to 95 minutes of run time. This film is the last film in the franchise. The series cannot be wrapped up in one hour and thirty minutes. It just can't! The film needs to be at least two hours long. I say this because every Resident Evil film feels so short when watching them. They always leave you wanting more, and not in a good way. When they end I'm always left thinking, "Really? That's it?". This probably won't happen though considering that Paul has never done a film with a run time of two hours before.

  • #2 Hopeless

Alice and her crew have to become hopeless at some point in the film. One of my suggestions Alice has to hit her lowest in the film. A perfect example is in RE3, when most of Claire's crew dies from the attack of the crows. All of the remaining characters stood around their graves and it was a touching scene, and I as a viewer felt the loss. Alice as a character has been through so much. She holds herself responsible for the outbreak, she's been dramatized from being infected with the t-virus, she's been hunted by The Umbrella Corporation, she has unintentionally gotten many of her friends killed by just being around them, and she at one point thought that she was the last one on the planet still alive! She needs to fall in this movie and by the end of the film rise up to fight. Also I want Alice to die in the film, and I want her to take pride in her death, much like Ripley in Alien 3. She has to die for her cause. She can't always be the tough guy. It would be a sad and perfect send off for the character.

  • #1 Characters

Every character has to have something to do throughout the whole movie (unless they die at some point before the end). In RE5 their were characters like Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Rain, and Berry Burton who were in the film but wasn't given much to do. The rescue team in RE5 did only one thing in RE5, and that was shoot guns and die, that was it! Same goes for the team with Jill Valentine, which included Rain, Carlos, and One who were actually killed off in earlier sequels. My question is, why bring characters back from the dead if you're not going to give them much to do but be in the background shooting a gun. I'll admit that Michelle Rodriguez did have a kick ass fight scene at the end, but all she did before that was run around and shoot at people. Here are two good examples of good character use, The Avengers, and The Fast and Furious franchise (after #5). In both movies they give every character a role in the story of the film and they all are their for a reason. Each character has a specialty and that is why they are their. Resident Evil has those type of characters, they just don't use them the right way.

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