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A new Avengers: Age of Ultron Clip!

The main part was meant to be Iron Man and Ultron's banter, but I noticed a little something said by this guy

Extra Tidbit: ATJ Looks severely constipated

Back to the story: Quicksilver nods over to some bombs, when talking to Stark, and says

Just like old times

As we all know, Iron Man used to make weapons, but he and his company stopped after he saw what they do during his captivity via the Ten Rings

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are heavily rumored to have a personal vendetta against Stark, but nothing like the the knowledge bomb (see the pun) I am about drop on you

Iron Man Inadvertently Gave The Twins Their Powers

Extra Tidbit: Dun Dun Dun

So here is how it could play out:

Since the twins can't be mutants, they are HYDRA experiments. But what if the damage has already been done. Let's say when Obi Stane was giving weapons to terrorists, one was a lesser-known group called... THE BROTHERHOOD! Marvel may not be able to use that term, but whatever. They are Eastern-European based, and use Stark-made bombs to destroy villages. One village that was destroyed was where The Maximoff's resided. It was bombed, and the radioactiveness made them have powers that they could not control. Another Eastern-European based group, HYDRA, caught wind of these two and decided to catch them and do experiments. All through this, the twins maintain a personal vendetta against Stark for what his bombs did to them. When they are freed, Ultron recruits them not only because of their powers but because of what happened to them.


takes bow

Here are the videos:

Teases Black Widow and Hulk's relationship

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