ByJoshua Forester, writer at

Last night I wrote an article complaining about how Moviepilot seems to prefer featuring posts about porn actors, parodies and costumes over featuring posts that actually have to do with movies and comics and such. The post actually started to build some steam, with a lot of reads and positive comments.

Until today. Sometime in the last few hours, the Moviepilot staff decided to remove my post. It, along with its comments, was amazingly eaten by a black hole. So for those of you who may not have had a chance to read the original, here's the jist of what I said before:

I'm tired of seeing this site feature posts about porn, sex, boobs, nude images and the like just because they get a tickling thrill out of it as opposed to featuring posts with substance that actually matter and have something to do with topics this site was originally meant for. I stated before that in the last few days alone I have seen probably eight or so posts featured here and through the Moviepilot Facebook accounts that were gratuitious and overly sexual in nature, having little or nothing to do with superheroes, movies or good wholesome entertainment. I said it before and I'll say it again: I'm straight, married, and still disgusted by porn and posts that glorify it like it has a place here on this website. Let's just go back to writing about stuff that belongs on this website, and things that the creators actually put work into making it a good post, not just adding pictures of their recent porn fetishes.

My last post about this was deleted, and I fully expect this one will be too. Hopefully enough people read it in time. My plea to you, dear reader: if you agree with me on this, write your own post about it. Let's see how long it takes to delete everybody's posts. If my account gets banned, don't worry. In the words of Arnold: "I'll be back."


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