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A lot of us have seen this generally light hearted comedy about how a young guy is taken in and looked after by a local stripper/builder who let's him join his strip club were they have a lot of fun and make a lot of friends right? Yeah that's all fun and stuff but they barely scraped the surface of what can really happen behind the limelight of show business.

In a lot of cases, when young people see films like this we think 'Wow this looks like so much fun!' you've got sex, drugs, parties, mates, what more could you want right? But little do people know, it's through these very attractions that people get taken in, blinded by the glitz and glamour, down into the murky depths of drug abuse, criminal activity, prostitution and other dodgy pursuits.

We start to see this through the young Adam (Alex Pettyfer), as he starts to completely immerse in the culture surrounding his new career, this includes prostitutes, drug deals and substance abuse, he doesn't realize how serious his issues are getting. But that's often how it is in these situations, you don't realize how bad your getting until it's too late and there's no way of escaping. When your in the entertainment business, you are constantly coming across new contacts and new friends, unfortunately not all of them want the best for you.

Often with drug gangs, when you've been let into the fold, you won't be let out because you know too much. It's the same with Adam, when he buggers up and looses the drugs, it has disastrous consequences. Later on in the movie, he goes on a bender (by that I mean a drug and alcohol session) which nearly costs him his life. This is extremely common in show biz and as we know, many famous actors and actresses have died due to alcohol and drug abuse (Amy Winehouse). It's a complete shame but so many, especially young people, get dazzled by the bright lights of stardom that they forget that what their doing is actually extremely dangerous. It can start so easily, like just being friends with a dealer, and then boom, one day they ask you for a favor and out of respect you do it. Next thing you know you've been recruited.

Magic Mike is a prime example of the disastrous consequences of the entertainment world, and for those who decide they want to be apart of it must be very careful which paths they take, you may not think that your taking a bad path at first but sometimes one thing leads to another and before you know it, you've done yourself in.

So when you watch this movie, although it's good to enjoy the hot light hearted entertainment of Channing Tatum with his top off, don't forget that in real life as well as the movie, people can so easily change into something their not, fueled by drugs, alcohol and sex.

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