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You gotta have love for your mom. Mine is probably reading this right now as she does with almost all of my articles, so I figured I would give her a shoutout up-front. Love you, momma! Okay, that's done.

Anyway, when it comes to celebrities, they have a little bit of an advantage. A small gesture to them, but huge to most other people is asking mom to be their red carpet date. When you're one of the Avengers - all bonafide A-Listers - you have a lot of these types of things to go to.

Whether it's a premiere, a fundraiser, or some other big event, it's always awesome to bring your mother. I mean, sure, most celebrities could bring almost anyone - a runway model, another actor, a friend, or just an overall hottie.

But the thing is, when you choose mom, almost nobody can handle the cuteness levels that you automatically take your appearance to.

Chris Evans/Captain America and Lisa Evans

It's super American to love your mom. Captain America showed it was cool to bring mom to the red carpet, and they look great together.

Scarlet Johansson/Black Widow and her mom at the Tony Awards

Scarlet, a.k.a. Black Widow, proved it's not just the guys who were bringing their moms to cool events. The gorgeous Johansson brought her mother to the Tony Awards and they killed it at the red carpet, both dressed to the nines.

Mark Ruffalo/The Hulk and his mom

This was a while back, but it's The Hulk with his mom at the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind premiere. These Avengers are really killing the mom-game. I'm feeling it!

Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye and his mom Valerie Cearley

Jeremy Renner, a.k.a. Hawkeye, brought his gorgeous mom to two Oscars already which is pretty hard to beat. One Oscars is solid, but two is next level.

Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark and his mom Elsie Ann Downey

This is a special one. Downey Jr's mom passed away in 2014, but the unconditional love the two had for each other (even on a sometimes rocky road) seeps through into this photo without any doubt whatsoever.

Chris Hemsworth/Thor, one of his bros and parents

This one is either a little bit cheating since it isn't a solo pic with his madre, but Chris and brother Luke with mom and dad here has to count for something.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) comes out in a couple weeks and we'll be covering it intensely so stay tuned!



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