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Flashpoint is one of the best story line in the DC Universe, that got everybody arguing, debating and making all sorts of Theories. Flashpoint is famous for it's time travel paradox. This all starts with one Character that took down the Justice League. You have read the comics and the movie, we all know that Flashpoint started with the Reverse Flash. DC's most iconic psychopathic time-traveling villain. He started the Flashpoint Timeline. Could he have done it on TV. It all starts from the future. The man Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne went back in time to stop himself from killing Barry's Mother.

This event can be totally related to The Flash on The CW. For those who have watched episode 15 of Flash. You find out that Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells's intention was not to kill Nora Allen, but to kill Barry. Simply so that Barry Allen doesn't become the Flash, which is quite actually stupid because if there is no Barry, then no Eobard. But in this case. The Barry from the Future uses the Speed Force to stop Eobard Thawne. Now take a look at this picture.

You see Eobard Thawne, looking at the newspaper of the Flash.

Yes. I know everybody has seen this picture, but the year 2024 is the date Barry Originally becomes the Flash. So nine years from now The Flash will be struck by that same lightning ten years ago and gets trapped into the Speed Force, and never comes out. But that is not the actually point. I'm not talking about the out-war of the DC heroes. If Flashpoint was alive, shows like Gotham would be different.

Even Flashpoint would lead up the new Universe based on Man of Steel, which is very unlikely. Looking at Old Shows such Smallville. The progression of Superman, but that's not what I'm focusing on.

During the Flashpoint we find that Eobard Thawne was killed by Batman( Thomas Wayne is this timeline). Yet Eobard Thawne could have been from a different universe and went back in time to kill Barry. In Flash Episode Seventeen we find Eobard running to the house of Barry Allen and The Flash from the future chasing after him.

The Reverse Flash can't kill Barry in the same timeline universe, or else Eobard Thawne is never going to be Zoom. So either Zoom was from another time trying to kill this Barry, without destroying himself.

Either These Flashes are from different worlds or Flashpoint has just happened. During the Flashpoint paradox, Barry Allen became a living paradox, meaning Eobard Thawne could kill him and any time. Yet he doesn't really try to kill Barry now when he is a paradox. Eventually for the timeline to reset to it's normal place is for Flash's mother to die.

In Episode Seventeen of the Flash, Eobard Thawne cannot go back to the future cause he messed up the Speed-Force or he did have enough speed to let him into the Speed Force to go back to the future his other world. So Flashpoint could start the day Barry gets trapped in the Speed Force or the negative speed force which is ten years from now.

But if, Barry was going to be stuck in the Speed- Force ten years from now, why does Eobard Thawne want to kill Barry. Basically Barry originally becomes the Flash in 2024, but Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells doesn't want that conversion of the Flash to happen. So he goes back in time to kill Barry. Let me remind that Professor Zoom is from the 26th Century and has been to The Barry Allen Flash museum many times. and has a good knowledge of the Speed-Force and the Negative Speed-Force, therefore he is called Zoom.

Yet the reason Flashpoint would not occur is because of the other heroes like Captain Thunder and Thomas Wayne happening to crossover to Flash for some reason. Yet there is an Easter egg in the 2024 newspaper about Wayne Tech and Queen Inc, merging together. I would say this crossover could not happen in away. I think this may represent both Network, CW and Fox. This might be very complicated.

If you read comics and you're a loser, then you must know about the Negative Speed Force. Eobard Thawne created this Speed Force with the same accident like Barry Allen but a few different results. Eobard Thawne can enter the Normal Speed- Force and stop Speedsters from entering the Speed Force. Yet in Episode Seventeen, Thawne cannot enter the Speed-Force, both Negative and Normal Speed Force.

Maybe the fight between the Flash and Reverse Flash may had messed up his Speed, not allowing him into the Negative Speed-Force. In Episode Seventeen, Eobard Thawne has no trace of the Speed Force in him, meaning when he traveled back in time in the Negative Speed-Force. He probably used some Speed Force moves during the Speed Force jump.

Professor Zoom has been shown using the Speed-Force multiple times?

In the Series we see the Professor Zoom using the Speed Force a lot of times, he uses the Self-Molecular Control, to kill Sisco . He uses the Speed Scouts that duplicates himself. The Reverse-Flash used this in the Mid-Season Finale just to get the tachyon Device, just to get his Speed back. Though in Episode Nine, the confusion of how the Reverse Flash is using a Scout in a video. But after that he just uses Pure Speed to beat himself up. If you look at the fight in the force field, Wells doesn't to anything to fight back against himself.

As Wells is pulled into the Force Field, the vibrations of Eobard Thawne becomes faster and more blurry. After Harrison Wells is pulled out of the Force Field, he stays still to produce another after images to attack the SWAT Team. Now notice how Reverse-Flash doesn't kill Eddie Thawne, this Eddie Thawne is basically Cobalt Blue a.k.a Malcolm Thawne.

Eddie Thawne turning into a Cobalt- Blue and a Hunter Zolomon.

Malcolm Thawne is the secret twin brother of Barry Allen, due to a drunk doctor. In this DC on TVerse. Malcolm is represented by Eddie Thawne, the detective working at CCPD force, we see shown traits of him being a Hunter Zolomon, but the Cobalt Blue is a bit too deep to outline.

Everybody can see the Hunter Zolomon is Eddie Thawne, the ancestor of The Reverse-Flash, that's why Eobard Thawne didn't kill Eddie because Eobard would die. But the question is:

Eddie Thawne is a bit hard to break down, some so he is Cobalt Blue, a villain with speed and control of Blue plasma energy. But the traits of the Hunter Zolomon has lining to his name, it can lead somewhere later during the old age of Barry Allen, that is if he kills Eobard Thawne, Barry kills Eobard Thawne Eddie Thawne would take up the mantle of the Reverse Flash.

1. Both Zolomon and Eddie are Cops

Yes everybody can see that, it's so obvious. It's a theory that their history is the same.

2. They both now the identity of the Flash

That's a big one. Zolomon knows Wally West identity and Eddie knows Barry Allen's Identity.

Total Conclusion

DC have done a good job in messing with brains about the Reverse Flash and his purpose on this DC Universe and the ArrowVerse.


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