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Most of you have been wondering what heroes will be on the side of Captain America and Iron Man . Well from what I've been gathering and hearing from different reports. I will tell you who will be on which side.

Iron man's side

Black Panther

As stated in the script for civil war, it has black panther as the hero caught in between cap and ironman for the role of suporting which side. Now it might change now that marvel has spiderman but ill still put him on ironman's side for now.

War Machine

As you know war machine has been a constant ally to Ironman and his best friend. James Rhodes will be on Tony's side as he will support him and also since he is under the governments orders to help them.

Scarlet Witch

I see her supporting Tony's side too. By the way the trailers for [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) have been released and the amount of footage we have seen. I see her in screaming in sadness. I can see her realise that registering is the only way to keep the people safe so that an event like ultron can never happen again.


I intialy had him on Caps side but given that he is always supporting the government hence the events in avengers and Thor. He is also an agent of them and will be under orders to help Tony in his fight with Cap.

At last we have spiderman. Now I dont know how they will adpat him to the civil war storyline given that they originally had BP take his place but they might change him now to just be a supporting character along side ironman. So he is still one to be on tonys side.

Captain America's side

Black Widow

She will be the main one supporting Cap as [Black Widow](movie:1070824) is very anti goverment given the circumstances in Winter Solider. She will be the one to counteract hawkeye and let tony know how foolish he is to support such a law.


Now falcon just like war machine will also always be on caps side due to the events in winter solider. He is Caps right hand man and one of his best friends.


I think vision will be on caps side and here is why. I believe that after AOU vision will join the avengers but will be very hesistant due to Tonys involvement with ultron. He will view tony as a person who almost brought down the destruction of the human race and for that he will support Cap.

Winter Solider

Last will be Bucky Barnes. Cap will find him and show him and remind him that they used tio be best buds during WWII. Bucky will come to his senses and will help Cap in his side.

Honrable mentions


Only Because it takes place after the first avengers movie and he would already be an established hero and he would side with Captain America since he has a secret identity.


I'm only putting him here because I still don't know if he will make through AOU since rumors are circulating that he will and "Spoiler Alert" Die.


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