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What's up, readers?

I'm back again to give you guys an idea of characters who would fit really well into the Netflix wing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is gonna be a three part event, so stay tuned even after you read.

To get the obvious out of the way:


I think most people expect to see Bullseye in an upcoming Marvel Netflix production, whether it be season two of Daredevil or The Defenders. This is most likely going to happen because Bullseye is (arguably) Daredevil's arch nemesis. It would be pretty cool to see an MCU version of Bullseye to kind've make up for the other version. Plus, Charlie Cox has already shown his interest in seeing the character in season two. It's meant to be, really.

For those of you who may not know Bullseye, his whole point is that he can turn almost any everyday object into a deadly weapon. Hand the dude a slice of soggy bread and he could probably decapitate you from a couple yards away. This is the kind've guy who shouldn't be allowed to bring playing cards onto an airplane, he's seriously dangerous. On top of that, Bullseye is also a complete sadistic wing-nut, in the same league as The Joker, some might even say.

Now, for the slightly less obvious, but still likely:

The Punisher

Would the Punisher be friend or foe?
Would the Punisher be friend or foe?

The Punisher is one of Marvel's most popular characters. And, he's already been given a couple movies, and a couple different iterations. I think it's time to give him another try. Most ideally, he would be a guest star or supporting character in one of the upcoming shows, or season two of Daredevil, and then given his own show, miniseries, or even film.

If he were to appear in a few episodes of the Defenders, or even in his own, very bloody series, it would be a huge hit. Who wouldn't want to see this?

For those of you who may not be familiar with The Punisher, he's, well... The Punisher. When Frank Castle's family is killed by a mobster, the former marine takes it upon himself to punish any evildoers that he happens to run into.

And now, for the unlikely and less obvious:


Paladin would be a great addition to Marvel Netflix. It's just true. He would fit in perfectly with the Defenders (who are really just the Heroes for Hire, minus the hire). He is known as one of the worlds greatest "good-guy" mercenaries. He has been spotted several times aiding heroes like Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Ultimately, however, he is a dynamic character because he relies on pay. So, he has been known to do things that are questionable, although he does these things reluctantly, for a paycheck. Paladin would provide for an interesting love/hate relationship with Daredevil.

Young Hank Pym (and/or Wasp)

We should all know at this point that Paul Rudd's character in Ant-Man will not be the original Ant-Man. Instead, Rudd will be playing Scott Lang, the successor to the original. So, that means that, in the MCU, Hank Pym did create the Ant-Man technology.

Knowing this, I have a proposal. What if there was a show that chronicled Hank Pym's origin and his trials as the original Ant-Man. Now, I don't know what Pym's exact age will be during the events of Ant-Man, nor do I know when that film will even take place, but I do suspect that Pym would have invented the technology in the late 60's/early 70's Vietnam War era.

It would be exceptionally cool if we got to see a 20-something Hank Pym fighting crime in a clunky first model suit (reminiscent of Iron Man, just in and form), or even just inventing and preventing stuff in the 70's, possibly even with Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp). If this does happen, I will be counting on a reference to Giant-Man, though. I will be sorely disappointed if that doesn't happen.

Lastly, for the completely insane plea:

Black Widow

I known, I know. As I said, it's completely insane.

But, not really. Are you telling me that you think that this is a bad idea, or even that you wouldn't watch it? I don't suspect that you are, so I'm going to continue to defend my idea.

Black Widow is incredibly popular these days due to her portrayal in the MCU by Scarlett Johansson. Since her appearance in the Avengers, and possibly even as far back as her Iron Man 2 appearance, people have been begging for a solo movie. These pleas have been met only by rumors and speculation, sadly.

What if, instead of giving her a solo movie, we do her one better by giving her her own series (or, at least, miniseries)? This should appeal to anybody who has wanted to see her in a solo film. It's like a film, just with over half a day's worth of watching experience. Really, WHO WOULDN'T WANT THIS???

Now, I know this depends almost entirely on Scarlett Johansson's schedule, and would probably be the main obstacle if this did become an option (which, I'm not gonna lie, it probably wont). But, say everything did work out. Say that Marvel did get the nerve to give Black Widow her own series. It could be pre-Iron Man 2, pre-Avengers, post-Avengers, whatever, it could be any era in Black Widow's career and it would still get views. Heck, I'd watch a post-retirement era Black Widow if that's what they provided.

What I'm trying to say is that this would be really freaking cool, and I'm kind've trying to get it out there. Hey, maybe you'll all agree with me and we can get a campaign going or something. A hashtag... I can see it now:

Just a suggestion, though. *winks*

Anyways. I guess I better fancast all these guys and gals, right?

Bullseye: Walton Goggins

Just look at him! Good fit, I think...
Just look at him! Good fit, I think...

Punisher: Sam Worthington

I know he's British, but, come on!
I know he's British, but, come on!

Paladin: Timothy Olyphant

I can see it. (unlike Daredevil, he can hear it)
I can see it. (unlike Daredevil, he can hear it)

Young Hank Pym: Logan Lerman

Maybe use makeup to make him more Michael Douglas?
Maybe use makeup to make him more Michael Douglas?

Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson

Just a gut feeling that she would do well...
Just a gut feeling that she would do well...

Alright, folks! Thanks for reading. Be expecting Parts Two and Three very soon! So check back periodically. Maybe read some of my other work while you wait...

Be sure to share this, follow me, and tell me your thoughts in the comments. Do you agree? Do you have any ideas? Please tell me!

Till next time....


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