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Marvel have this Easter egg in all their films after the credits, well it's not much of an Easter egg anymore but anyway. Marvel has an end credit scene at the end of all their films that usually sets up the plot for the next movie in some cases they just stick something fun in there like the Avengers one pictured above now if you have not seen all of these MCU movies there may very well be SPOILERS involved. So instead of reading about the ones you haven't watch them!

Iron Man

Everyone remember this? It took me about two years to work out it was there. The scene that started it all, this gave us all an idea on what Marvel wanted to do with their movies this was something that was going to change things and change things it did.

The Incredible Hulk

Sorry for the poor quality this is the only one I could find. This was mid-credits because so many people missed the end credit scene in Iron Man , this was our first indication that this is all in the same world and the Avengers may very well be happening.

Iron Man 2

Our first glimpse at the great Mjolnir, this scene was meant as a tease for Thor it is also was another indication that Iron man wasn't the only super powered being (sorta) on Planet Earth, Agent Coulson leaves half way through the movie too handle something in New Mexico where does most of Thor take place? You guessed it New Mexico.


If you followed the Infinity War in the comics closely then you knew what that power was and maybe you knew what was install for the Avengers, this also shows that in true Loki fashion he isn't dead and in-fact he has some big plans.

Captain America The First Avenger

It may not seem like much now but when this end credit scene started, I was a very happy boy. This was our first glimpse at [The Avengers](movie:9040) and my golly it was a good one. You got to see the bad guy some action all of the heroes together and there was of course a smart ass line said by the king RDJ. This stands as the best end credit scene I have ever seen.

The Avengers

The big reveal! The scene that [Marvel](channel:932254) used to tell every fan where this franchise is going, and the confirmation that the Tesseract is an infinity stone. Not many people knew who this was unless of course you watched the kids show Super Hero Squad. There is another end credits scene but seeing as it was mentioned before I am going to leave it out.

Iron Man 3

Again sorry for the quality. This credit scene did nothing for the MCU, but explained why Bruce Banner and Stark tower weren't in the movie I was excited to see Bruce Banner and when I found out he wasn't in it I was disappointed

Thor The Dark World

Scene 1

Much like Iron Man 2, this teased a new addition to the franchise, [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) , but it also gave us knowledge that the Aether is also an infinity stone.

Scene 2

This scene seems to be put in there to make [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) easier, they don't have to go out looking for all the Avengers because they're all on earth anyway us Aussies will find out next week when it premieres in Australia!

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Scene 1

Baron Von Strucker is the man in this scene if you do not recognize him, the scepter he looks at is Loki's and is rumored to be an infinity stone again we'll find out next Thursday. Those two super powered people were Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and they play a big role in Avengers Age of Ultron.

Scene 2

The Bucky scene is really just put in there just to show that he is still out there and he is starting to remember who he was before he 'died'.

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073)

HOWARD THE DUCK!!! This a welcome surprise although he may never appear again this was a cool little thing they did just to make everyone laugh and it's sort of a tease because everybody was expecting something to do with Ultron and Marvel were like nah here's Howard the Duck.

Follow me if you want to see my review on Avengers Age of Ultron next week and comment below what is your favorite end-credit scene in a marvel movie or otherwise follow me on twitter at jbhcha and thanks for reading!


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