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Okay so I'm just playing The Sims 3 and I keep on going to school and my job. Then, the d*ckholes just f*cking with my sims, so of course I have to take action. I add them to my active family, and they of course have to do everything for my sims, logically. Then, as soon as they start being jerks again I start working.

First, I make it a party for everyone that f*cks with me. It has to be a formal occasion, obviously. Next, I one by one I lead them into a pool. I have to change their traits (hold L2 and click on them). Hydrophobic, unlucky, coward and clumsy work. Finally, I build walls around the pool, put no windows in it because they're afraid of the dark. They drown then you basically have a mass grave.

But sometimes Death lets them live, which pisses me off so I get even more creative. I lead them all into a room and take away all traits, then Death doesn't give them a break because they aren't unlucky anymore. You put a stove and a fridge in there. Have one of them cook, but of course I can't let them finish. If they don't finish the food causes a fire. You have to call their relatives and invite them over. Put windows all in the rooms. Make all of them go towards the room, then trap them in individual cells. Force them to watch the horror that is their family getting burnt to death. Remove the wall between them and the mass murder, and make them suffer the same fate as their family members.

Now you know what to do if someone messes with your sims. :)


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