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Hey guys, as you might know, I posted an article last week about who you want to die in Age of Ultron, (,manual).

As you also might know, I promised to post the results today, so here they are! Aaand the Winner is...


Now, I found this interesting because we haven't even SEEN him in a movie at all yet, but he won with an overall talley of six votes. Now, just in case you are interested in the rest of the results (and you probably aren't) I posted the rest of them below:

No one-5 votes

Nick Fury-5 votes

Thor-4 votes

Iron Man-3 votes

Ultron-3 votes

Maria Hill-3 votes

War Machine-3 votes

Erik Selvig-3 votes

Heimdall-2 votes

Peggy Carter-2 votes

More than one-1 vote

Someone else-1 vote

Hulk-1 vote

Black Widow-1 vote

Hawkeye-1 vote

Baron Strucker-1 vote

Captain America-0 votes

Scarlet Witch-0 votes

Vision-0 votes

Falcon-0 votes

And that's it! The entire list! I hope that you had fun voting, those of you who did, and for those of you didn't, I hope you liked this meaningless presentation of pointless data. Until next time!


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