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Delisa Elizabeth

Don’t judge me but I have been watching a lot of ‘Mob Wives’. I should be ashamed but I guess it’s my guilty pleasure. ‘Mob Wives’ is a reality show on VH1 that stars woman that were born in or associated with the mob.

I have watched every season so far and as much as I want to not watch it, there is something about drama that isn’t my own (I don’t have any) and their vulgar language that makes me giddier than a school girl on a Sunday morning.

I think the show just makes me feel better about myself (glad I don’t act like them). It’s hard to believe that these women act so vulgar and feisty but I guess when you rat on someone (call the cops), you are bound to get cut and shanked on the streets of NY.

As I watched the reunion episode of season 5 of ‘Mob Wives’, I knew there was going to be profanity thrown and fist hitting woman in the face repeatedly, my jaw was dropped the whole time because I couldn’t believe I couldn’t look away and shocked with all the foul language I was hearing (I should’ve expected it).

Do I recommend this show? If you like the C, F, B, W, and A word thrown around every 2 seconds while women are threatening other women, yes dammit watch the show with your head held high.

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