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Ever since I was a kid I grew up in a great family parents loved my sister's loved me when I first learned about computers and technology yeah I made lots of mistakes but when you were young you don't know any better my info about movies would be surprising to a lot of people like for instance Walt Disney Pictures RKO Pictures 1940 Fantasia produced by Walt Disney conductor Leopold Stokowski 1989 MGM Studios Goldcrest pictures all dogs go to heaven Burt Reynolds play Charlie Barkin The Late Judith Barsi played Anne Marie Dom Deluise played itchy itchiford but those are only examples of all the movies that I know I have quite a history of watching classic films from the Ten Commandments to The Godfather but I also like to listen to music my favorite artists are quite a few I have many favorite artists that it would be hard to even put down on this website for example the Goo Goo Dolls iris Sarah McLachlan angel enigma return to innocence my musical knowledge goes from the 50's 60's seventies eighties nineties even up to today I have real strong passion for all these categories even for video games I have favorite games like for instance 1996 Spyro the Dragon PlayStation 1 I remember the first time I start playing that game I had some good memories and some bad memories but all in all I still playing this game to this day just to keep the memories alive I still play Spyro the Dragon trilogy which includes all three games even downloading a game on my PC call Need for Speed Underground 2 here and there I play a game called halo and now for TV shows I have a alot of favorite TV shows that would be hard to even reference on this website because the list is way too long to even write down but trust me when I say I live my life day by day by spending some time with my girlfriend doing some housework here and there watching all the movies I can in the short period of time but all in all I never give up what is really important to me all in all the only one song that really gets me is a song I like to call return to innocence by enigma because the song reminds me of going back to win your child in all the stress that was never there so as you read my blog I hope you understand Who I am I'm not a bad person I do speak the truth when I need to and I hope in the future if anybody wants to contact me by commenting below thank you for reading


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