ByAbner Rodriguez, writer at

Big news or just take it with a grain of salt but according to Latino Review, the trailer for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is set to have a 5 second teaser trailer released on Thursday morning around 9am PST time on Zack Snyders twitter account. The article also says that the full trailer will be released on Monday April 20th in selected sign up theaters. It will also be attached to Age of Ultron. Like I said take this with a grain of salt as we have heard numerous rumors about the trailer being released but to no avail. The most likely time it would be released is with Mad Max Fury Road as it is owned by WB.


It is now confirmed by the BBFC which classifies the trailers that are put in front of films has confirmed that the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere on May 15. The run time is stated for 2 min and 6 seconds. While rumors are still running rampant that Directior Zack Snyder will release a 5 second preview of the film Thursday April 16. What are your thoughts and are you excited for this?


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