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Two recurring members of [Supernatural](series:200506) are about to show off their creative chops. That's right, Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel/Loki) and Robert Benedict (Chuck/God) are coming out with a series. After doing over 70 conventions, they've had so many odd occurrences happen, they've decided to make a show about it: Kings of Con. Obviously, they've had to ham it up a little bit, because we as humans tend to try and control the madness before everything gets too far out of hand. In the show, they imagine how far their misadventures could've gone if they were more insane than they already are, giving it a fresh spin.

They'll marry you, but only to someone else
They'll marry you, but only to someone else

At this point, the show is crowd-funded via an Indiegogo campaign. They've hit $164k, enough to do five episodes, but they're aiming for $300k, which will get them a full slate. Giving different amounts opens your world up to a variety of prizes, including signed shirts, signed undies, them singing karaoke songs of your choice, a spot in an episode, them officiating your wedding or putting on a concert at an event of yours.

Remember, giving helps them provide more ding! Now enjoy this clip of Rich in Demonic Toys.

And below is Rob singing with his band, Louden Swain, in case you need some tunes at a house event. You can often find them playing at conventions, on Spotify and even selling records on Amazon.

Interview coming soon....


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