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As a person who has loved cars and the Fast and Furious franchise, I was beyond excited to see Furious 7. Truthfully, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about Jason Statham as the bad guy. The movies are good and honestly I was surprised they've made this many movies and that there's going to be three more. It's a good thing they're so awesome, because otherwise, I don't think I would've kept up with them.

I watched the Fast and Furious way after it had come out and I'm pretty sure I only tuned it because it had Paul Walker (how cliche girl of me, I know), and it interested me that it had Vin Diesel in it. The plot seemed good, too, so I gave it a try.

Obviously, I fell in love with the movie (and it wasn't only because Paul Walker was in it, I promise--but if I had; no shame) and later on, watched every movie in the series that came after it.

When I went to watch Furious 7, I was cringing at any part where Paul Walker got hurt because I kept thinking, This is it; this is the part where he's going to die. Well, turns out, I was completely wrong. He was in the movie, somewhat unscathed, throughout the whole movie. His action scenes were amazing (whereas the Rocks's and Jason Statham seemed a bit far-fetched at parts) and they had a sweet tribute to him at the end.

So even though I have no idea how Jason Statham lived through getting a park garage crashed around him, it was a great movie. It didn't disappoint from the past movies. By now, I think they are starting to get a little out of their element (from previous movies), but overall, I would keep watching them.

Over, and over again.

RIP Paul Walker.


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