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Sure, there were a lot of things that I thought about while watching the movie (where's Theo James? ugh, why did she cut her hair?), but overall something seemed missing for me.

It wasn't just because I have an attachment to the book series (and where did that box thing come from?!). The characters didn't seem the same. The style didn't either. Also, weren't they headed towards the wall? As in, going past it? Yet, in the start of the movie (and, well, through out it) they're still hiding with a faction.

I'm not really sure why they had to change it from the book and add a box that proved Tris was the "ultimate" Divergent because she's 100% Divergent. At this point, I think we get it. Plus, they really should've done something more with Janine in Divergent because it comes back to bite them in the ass in Insurgent.

There's also a scene in the movie where Peter and Tris have a knife fight that seems overly rehearsed and takes away from the actual fighting that they could've been doing. They really shouldn't have been surprised when Peter chose to turn them in to safe himself. I mean come on. In the books, he was evil himself.

Four had seemed to go soft, and the whole point of him in the books was that he was this hard ass because of what happened to him and all. Suddenly, he's in love with Tris and he's no longer the same bad-ass. Don't get me wrong, he still had his cool fight scenes and everything, but where's the manhood, Four?

I would still give this movie 3.5/5 stars. The acting of course was still phenomenal, but some elements could've been improved. It didn't hold the same magic to me that Divergent did. Who knows if that's because it was the first in the series, or if it was actually better. I prefer it to the second one.

I still definitely suggest you go see it, or for a cheaper version; rent it from Red Box when it comes out. It's still good and it won't disappoint. Just don't expect the same magic of Divergent.


Did you think Insurgent was as good as Divergent?


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