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CW premiered their new show, which appears on Tuesday nights, called iZombie. The show is supposed to be based on the Vertigo comic. For fans of Rob Thomas's Veronica Mars, this show won't be disappointing. It features the same witty banter between characters and of course, some mystery.

The show stars Rose McIver (Once Upon a Time/ Masters of Sex) as Liv, an up and coming medical college student. The show quickly moves on to show how she ends up at a party where she gets turned into a Zombie. The beginning did seem a bit rushed in my opinion, but at least they did it with comic style transitions.

When she turns into a Zombie, it of course shows her be alienated from her (cute) fiance and best friend, because what else happens to someone who turns into a un-dead creature and can't tell anyone they suddenly have a hunger for--you guessed it--brains? The show offers a new spin on current dramas by letting Liv relive (pun intended) moments of the person's brain that she ate; which helps the detective on the case find out who the killer is.

Overall, the show has great potential. It's something new and fresh from all the current mysteries and drama--which not to say anything bad about those because I'm still a fan. As a big comic book fan, I'm excited to see where this show will go. Rob Thomas did an amazing job with Veronica Mars and I'm glad he's gotten the chance to do something like this.

If you're into Zombies or not, I encourage you to check the show out. Or just watch the trailer below and see if it looks your style. Either way, it's good brain food.

Don't forget to take the poll below and share your opinion on the iZombie --or if you haven't seen it yet, check out this trailer beforehand.


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