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Adam Lamarre

There was a minor explosion of Mormon themed movies from the early to mid 2000's. It all began with 2000's God's Army, a movie about a group of LDS missionaries in Los Angeles California. When it first came out members of the LDS church were raving about how great the movie was. In hindsight it was the real first LDS themed movie, so there was virtually nothing to compare it to. Flash forward 15 years and the movie comes off as being heavy handed and pretentious. Then came the first LDS themed comedy The Singles Ward in 2002. For what it is, it's a highly watchable movie. However almost all of the humor is derived from Utah Mormon stereotypes. Then came The Best Two Years, which is a comedy/drama about a group of LDS missionaries in Holland. This movie is leaps and bounds better than God's Army. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and the spirit and tone of the film is more palatable than the uber pretentious God's Army. Then came 2003's The R.M, about a returned LDS missionary trying to get back into the swing of things. It's another comedy from the team that did The Singles Ward. This time there are less Utah Mormon stereotypes and more laughs. And the romantic leads have better chemistry than the romantic leads in The Singles Ward. Then came the lame 2005 or 2004 film The Hometeachers. It's basically Tommy Boy for Mormons, without the laughs that Tommy Boy gets. It's the last day of the month and two home teachers are trying to visit every family on their list. Hjinks and mediocrity abound. Then came the painfully unfunny and almost totally unwatchable Church Ball in 2006. It's an LDS themed "comedy" without any mention of the LDS church at all. It's basically a lame brained version of Dodge Ball for Mormons. They got a bunch of D list actors, without any of the laughs usually associated with the D list actors. Then all of sudden the influx of LDS themed movies stopped. What happened? Where was the dream? Well I for one would like to know. Quoting Rocky Horror, "It was great when it all began." Well I have written a screenplay that is an LDS themed comedy. It's called Youth Dance. And it's all about a 14 year old boy named Charlie Thomas who is preparing to go to his very first stake youth dance, and it's set in the year 1997. But of course I have no connections in the film world, or in the LDS film world for that matter. I would love to see it made. Who else would like to see Youth Dance made? Sound off in the comment section down below. Who knows Youth Dance might reinvigorate the long gestating lds film market.


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