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Dave Sheridan, who many remember as Special Officer Doofy in "Scary Movie", was at Walker Stalker Con Dallas last month to Promote the upcoming release of his Walking Dead Parody film,"The Walking Deceased" (On DVD April 21st). He was mingling with the fans, taking pictures, goofing around, and even partaking in Nerf Gun Fights. What happened next was completely unexpected:A Fan, dressed as a zombie, decided that he didn't want to get shot at and instead of asking Dave to stop, chose to punch him in the face.

As is the norm in the Digital Age, someone was recording on a personal cell phone and caught the entire thing on video. That footage has now found its way to the internet through a release from the DPD, where it has been spreading like wildfire over Twitter. Dave is asking if anyone knows anything about the "Zombie Assailant" to contact the DPD at 214-373-TIPS. He also made a statement absolving Walker Stalker Con of any wrong doing.

"I had the time of my life at Walker Stalker Con Dallas. The Organizers could not have done anything to prevent this, and it was in no way their fault," Dave stated. "They run a great convention, and I have their full cooperation in finding out just who this mystery assailant is." It is definitely a unfortunate incident to befall Sheridan, and we ask that you share this around in the same hope that this mystery assailant will be brought to justice. Below is the shocking video, so watch at your own risk.


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