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"What's the point? They're all the same: Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act..." - Sidney Prescott
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We're all here for one specific reason: we all just love a good scare! Adrenaline, a need to tap into our deepest fears... Whatever the reason may be, horror fans understand a good scare when they see one.

So feast your eyes on these 10 wickedly brilliant scenes!

10 "Where'd you get those peepers?" (Jeepers Creepers)

Quite possibly one of the most under-rated horror films in history, this scene was epic! (Not to mention undeniably sad...)

Now I'm not usually one for it, but who's down for a part three? I know I am!

9 "Just keep smiling..." (Insidious)

Now we all know that Insidious is one hell of a scare-fest, but there were some scenes that I just had to look away (this definitely being one of them!) There's just something about an evil grin...

They're just way too happy for dead people!

8 "E.T.?" (Signs)

Even though I've come to agree that Signs isn't the greatest of 'horror' films, but this image has stuck with me since I saw this for the first time as a child!

There's no way you didn't jump if you saw this in theaters!

7 "Time-out for you, buddy!" (The Blair Witch Project)

This film

6 "Ouch?" (Evil Dead)

When I first heard they were remaking Evil Dead, I wasn't pleased (as I'm sure many other countless fans weren't either.) But after watching this, I completely changed my mind!

That girl in the basement still haunts my nightmares!

5 "The most disturbing motive. Ever." (The Strangers)

Quite possibly the mother of modern home-invasion horror, this film was so horrifying yet included as little gore as possible!

After watching this movie, all I could think was, "this could so happen to me!" Didn't you?!

4 "No comment." (Hills Have Eyes)

This scene was just so intense that it's crazy the MPAA allowed it! What's truly horrifying about it is the sense of helplessness (her family was right outside, for sobbing out loud!)

So, who's down for a little camping next weekend?

3 "Home videos are the best!" (Sinister)

I knew this movie was going to have me sh***ng my pants as soon as this first scene came on!

And if this wasn't scary, then I wonder how you felt about the other 8mm films! (Pool party, family barbecue, sleepy time, etc.)

2 "Some horror movies just don't need sequels..." (The Ring)

Even though the sequel sucked, I still believe in the original for it's, well... Originality! That scene, in which they show the girl's corpse in the closet, had me cringing for days!

I mean, I still turn my face whenever that video comes on!

1 "Someone needs a chill pill." (28 Weeks Later)

AHHHHHH! I have nothing else to say other than: THIS WAS INSANE!


Which was your favorite scene?


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