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In the last of us, a man named Joel (voiced by Troy Baker) looses his daughter in the start of an outbreak of a parasitic fungus (basically a zombie apocalypse), then the game skips ahead 20 years later. and Joel has become a smuggler, in order to survive the apocalypse. then he is hired to escort a young girl named Ellie (voiced by Ashley Johnson) across a post apocalyptic united states.

What can I say about this game that hasn't already been said. Amazing graphics, great story and characters, and I love the combat.

Joel is a bad ass, and I like him, but the character that really steals the show is Ellie.

She's a very well written and acted character, who is extremely likable. She can take care of herself and others, and doesn't rub it in the audience's face. (Unlike say Carol from The Walking Dead) Also she's kind of adorable

Is it the best game ever? Well the best game ever is a matter of opinion. To some, Call of Duty is the best game ever, it's all a matter of perspective. Really their are no good or bad games, just games you like and games you don't, and I really liked The Last Of Us.

It's also cool that the zombies, or"infected" are caused by a real life fungus. But I'm not going to go into that all that much, because the real focus of the games is the characters.

The acting in this game is also amazing. I never really noticed the acting in video games until this game.

To sum things up, The Last Of Us didn't get over 200 game of the year awards for nothing.


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