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Two weeks. Two weeks since the last episode of [The Flash](series:1068303), a time of despair and darkness (thankfully some new superhero TV filled the void). Now, Arrow and The Flash are back, and back for good until they hit their finales! Episode 19 is a time for some major development in both shows, so if you want to see the equivalent breakdown for [Arrow](series:720988), see here. It's my custom to provide a spoiler buffer- and what better to use than what is without a doubt the greatest TV promo in history, Superhero Fight Club? So amazing! After this, full spoilers for "All Star Team Up" and minor spoilers for the next episode (I mean really minor, the kind you can see in trailers) follow.

That never fails to be awesome, does it? The best part about its enormous success and love from fans is we're bound to see similar things in the future - I sure wouldn't mind a sequel! Anyway, here's what you're actually here for - the trailer for Flash, Episode 19, "Who is Harrison Wells?"

Some big stuff! A note: a lot of stuff we know happens in this episode isn't in the trailer, so I'll include it in the breakdown. IMDb also has Stephen Amell listed as Oliver Queen in this episode, but I believe that's erroneous - there's not really anything to suggest that's the case at this point, but we'll see.

Black Canary's in this episode!

Cisco likes sonic devices- but he's gonna make something even cooler.
Cisco likes sonic devices- but he's gonna make something even cooler.

Well, that could be a bit misleading. Laurel Lance is definitely in this episode, but whether she'll suit up as Black Canary is unclear. What we do know is that Cisco will develop one of the most iconic parts of the character for her, which I won't spoil (but you can't find out what it is here), and their interactions are teased as "some of the most fun" on the show.

As is another Lance!

These two could beat 95% of cop shows alone.
These two could beat 95% of cop shows alone.

Everybody's (well, except Team Arrow, currently) favorite police captain will also appear in this episode, alongside Joe West and Cisco - the former which fans were demanding ever since the crossover! Expect some amazing banter between the two. To clarify, in case you hadn't got it from the Laurel stuff, Cisco and Joe will go to Starling City to continue their investigation on Wells. I was curious how Wells fit into Starling, but Tina Mcgee gave us a really good hint this week - she and Harrison were aspiring scientists "in Starling." I think it's likely Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells' murder at the hands of Eobard Thawne actually occurred within Starling City limits, not Central.

...and they're going to discover something huge.

Rest not-so-in-peace, Harrison Wells.
Rest not-so-in-peace, Harrison Wells.

Namely the actual Harrison Wells. You remember this scene, of course? Eobard Thawne, needing a new identity and a means of getting back to his time, kills Harrison Wells and assumes his identity, leaving the actual Harrison looking less like a brilliant scientist and more like a two thousand year old well preserved Egyptian king. It's an amazing dynamic how you feel really bad for the real Harrison Wells, having thought he was evil the whole season.

In learning this, Team Flash suddenly knows Eobard Thawne most certainly isn't who he says he is. I have little doubt they'll discover Thawne's identity in time- whether through Cisco's new time-leaking memories or through Thawne himself is unclear, but it'll happen, and it'll happen soon.

This week's villain is Everyman!

Everyman's a relatively new comic villain (well, 2006 isn't that modern I guess) who's a bit of a creep. He has the ability to change into anyone - that they'll keep in the show - by consuming their DNA of. I have very little doubt he'll play nicely into the theme of double identity bound to occur next week. Expect a lot of fun as he impersonates several members of the cast, and some potential crimes in their name.

That's him taking someone's shape in the trailer.

Will Thawne reveal his identity?

It's okay, we all want his house.
It's okay, we all want his house.

I honestly don't know if that'll be this episode. We all know it'll happen eventually, but I think this episode will be very dialogue and character driven rather than have any huge developments just yet, similar to Arrow's "The Undertaking" or "The Man Under the Hood." It'll set up the final ride, in a sense. Do expect to learn more about either Thawne or Harrison Wells, however.

Who will have the most trouble adjusting?

Cisco's having visions and had talked to Joe about the possibility; Barry and Joe are fairly certain of it by now - but Caitlin has just had this sprung on her out of nowhere. We can be sure to see some interesting development for her - potentially the beginning a rocky road - as apparent heroes are torn down and exposed as villains from the 25th century. That doesn't typically sit well with people.

Whatever the case - it's payback time.

Do I expect to see a Wells vs. Barry fight in this episode? No. But I do expect to see the Reverse Flash pop up again, and Barry accept who Wells really is and set about starting to bring him down.

That's all for now! Thankfully, the trailer isn't heavily spoilery, and most of what I've broken down is just other information, but, really, it's better this way. If you need something to pass the time until the incredibly highly anticipated "Broken Arrow," check out my Flash season trailer breakdown, the Arrow equivalent of the same thing, some news for both shows, or my opinions on why these shows I love actually should be separate from the DC Cinematic Universe (which I love) as Warner Bros. has set up, to fan controversy. The Flash is new next week and every week until the finale, the same as Arrow - no more breaks! Enjoy!


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