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Tired of overhearing your colleagues discuss the episode you were too busy to watch last night? Ever jammed your fingers in your ears after your colleagues began openly chatting about the shocking events unfurling in the new season – the one you've yet to start? Are you one of those people that have only just begun the journey through Westeros and beyond, desperate to make it all the way to the end of the series without hearing any spoilers?

Well, you can end all that now with these handy Game of Thrones ‘spoiler alert’ labels. Their aim is to turn your desk, room or wherever you place them (you could even wear them as a badge!) into a spoiler-free zone. No matter where you’re up to in the series, you can make anyone around you aware that no, you aren't up to date, and no, you don’t want to know the main plot device for the next episode. The labels work by vaguely referring to the latest major event that particular viewer will have seen, without giving away the plot for viewers not up to this stage.

We understand, sometimes you can get a little eager to discuss your favourite show. Sometimes this excitement can make it harder for you to hear your friend’s squeals of “Ihaven’tseenityet!Ihaven’tseenityet!”

Season One's Spoiler Alert Labels
Season One's Spoiler Alert Labels

But seriously, other times you just need a reminder that not everyone is as dedicated to staying up to date as you. The labels are broken down into the individual seasons, on an episode-by-episode basis so you can find the exact point you’re up to and display this fact.

This will help you, and more importantly your colleagues, friends and family, know exactly what they can and can’t talk about around you.

Also, if you’re dedicated to staying above board and watching the series in a legal manner (and let’s face it, if you like TV like this you really should be supporting it), then you can also protect yourself from the conversations of those that pirate the series, march ahead of the agreed schedule and subsequently chat about it in their gluttonous tones.

So, give yourself a fighting chance of staying as ignorant as you’d like to be and give these labels a whirl. For a PDF of each season’s spoiler alert labels, take a peek here:


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