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Honoring a famous person with a statue is one of the best ways to celebrate their talent and achievements. Not only does such a gesture immortalize their appearance for decades, but it also commemorates their incredible work in a carved art-piece that lasts generations.

All over the world, on our sidewalks, plazas, squares and historic buildings, we can often find statues and sculptures of well-known faces gazing upon us.

However, while some are examples of exceptional artwork, others leave a lot to be desired. Below is a selection of some of the worst statues in the world, which I am pretty sure some A-listers would not be too pleased to be remembered by. Take a look!

1. Colin Firth

The classic moment with Mr. Darcy wading through the water in a see-through white shirt never looked so good... Or not. Relive the sensational moment here and see how it compares:

2. Chris Hemsworth

I think Chris Hemsworth is also a bit sceptical of his Thor statue... that raised eyebrow says it all!

3. Elvis Presley

Those squinty eyes suggest that perhaps this Elvis has been smoking a bit too much... or he's just sleepy?

4. Princess Diana

That does not look like the late British princess at all, but more like The Thing from Fantastic 4.

5. Johnny Depp

At least Johnny can see the funny side of this slightly-off sculpture.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch

The face is okay but the neck... I don't recall Sherlock having one that long!

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Much taller and more buffed up - at least this is kind of what Arnie used to look like back in the '80s!

8. Freddie Mercury

Even the most fervent of Queen fans may struggle to recognize Freddie in this town square in Montreux, Switzerland.

And yes the real photograph is a picture of him riding Darth Vader.

9. Jennifer Lopez

There's just something not quite right with this waxwork is there? The facial features are just too big.

10. Marilyn Monroe

This is going to give me nightmares tonight.

11. Tiger Woods

Sure, it bears an uncanny resemblance but also seems as if Tiger Woods has spent far too much time in the blistering sun.

12. The Beatles

This looks absolutely nothing like the legendary four boys from Liverpool. Instead, they looks like characters from Star Trek.

Which statue/waxwork did you find the most inaccurate?



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