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The Fresh Prince has gotten just that little bit fresher now as Will Smith has been spotted in Toronto, Canada with a fetching chrome dome look! Paparazzi have been up to their old tricks, lurking around David Ayer's Suicide Squad set and have managed to catch a snap of "the man who will be Deadshot" sans 'fro!

The usually reclusive Smith was normally seen around Toronto wearing caps and hoods in an attempt to hide his new look, but relaxing in a car, amidst a phone conversation, we finally can glimpse a look at Smith in 30% Deadshot mode, and he looks friggin' awesome!

Have a look:

Is That You, Will Smith?


I guess it is the logical step to take if Smith and co want to accurately portray the DC villain Deadshot.

Deadshot & Smith
Deadshot & Smith

This drastic change in appearance is something totally new for Smith and his legion of adoring fans, seeing as he has never been so utterly bald in a movie before. The 46 year old has sported, pretty much, the same hairstyle for nearly 30 years in entertainment.

For example...:

During the '90s, Smith courted the same badass hi-top fade...

Bad Boys (1995)

Full throttle, high octane clippage here. This is a firm look.

Independence Day (1996)

A bit more militaristic with the low fade on Smith's temples, but still with enough swag to sink an alien mothership.

Men In Black (1997)

Yeah, you can't go wrong with a good ol' fade.

And as the "Willennium" came calling, and more serious roles needed a Princely touch, his trims took on more stylistic changes.


Ali (2001)

In order to portray a legend you have to go all in, and that's exactly what this Afro flattop displays with pride.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

And with a broken man comes an unkempt 'fro.

I'm well looking forward to seeing Smith's portrayal of the villain turned hero for a day in the incoming Suicide Squad, otherwise known as "The Franchise That Will Make Smith Stupidly, Ridiculously Richer Than Ever Before."

What about you?


What do you make of Smith's new 'do?

(Source: Mail Online)


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