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Mary Shelley's beloved patchwork monster is currently readying himself for a return to the silver screen in Candyman director Bernard Rose's new take on the classic Frankenstein.

Starring Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix trilogy, Memento) as Elizabeth Frankenstein, Danny Huston (American Horror Story, Big Eyes) as Victor Frankenstein and Xavier Samuel, better known as The Twilight Saga's Riley Biers, as Frankenstein's Monster, the movie, told from the Monster's perspective, sees the betrothed scientists create the beleaguered creature, only to abandon him in our cruel and apathetic world.

Samuel, Moss and Huston.
Samuel, Moss and Huston.

Here's the synopsis:

Frankenstein is set in present day Los Angeles and told entirely from the perspective of the Monster. After he is artificially created, then left for dead by a husband-and-wife team of eccentric scientists, Adam is confronted with nothing but aggression and violence from the world around him. This perfect creation-turned disfigured monster must come to grips with the horrific nature of humanity.

Samuel joins a long list of theatrical luminaries who have taken on the role, like Brois Karloff, Robert De Niro and Aaron Eckhart.

Other great news, six time Emmy nominated special effects legend Randy Westgate has designed the Monster's terrible new look. And as you can see, it's pretty impressive!

Rose's Frankenstein will premiere at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. What a great name for an event!

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)


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