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How do you feel when you've just stumbled across a brilliant book, you've gone from cover to cover in what felt like a blink of an eye and then Hollywood decides they want to create a movie or TV adaptation of it?

Are you overjoyed with the thought of seeing your new favorite characters brought to life? Do you fall to your knees in the dirt, fist shaking at the sky, cursing the universe for its treachery, or does it simply depend on the source material?

When I first read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, I slayed the series in 7 months. It still surprises me how quickly I read it. I soaked up every journey with the characters across hill, plain and Narrow Sea, and imagined how each character looked, all thanks to GRRM's insanely meticulous description.

And then HBO's Game of Thrones happened, and its monumental casting choices. How did they manage to get so many characters so spot on? That truly is a gift. But how much does GoT's casting choices differ from GRRM's description? That would be a bit hard to figure, and would take many hours and many post-it notes.

But thanks to a bunch of incredible and inspired illustrators, GRRM's beleaguered playthings have been realized in the most evocative of ways.

Lets have a look at a few:

Tyrion Lannister

by Jorg Ruber

I remember complaining about Tyrion still having a nose in GoT, but after seeing this illustration, I've come to believe that that's a good thing.

Cersei Lannister

by Michael Komarck

Sultry and terrifying, I think both the illustration and Lena Headey's incredible portrayal of Cersei deserve applause.

Tywin Lannister

by FFG

Loving the whiskers on the illustrated Tywin, his bright, quick eyes and arrogance too. I think these two iterations are the perfect combination.

Jaime Lannister

by Xtreme1992

Same can be said for Jaime here. Two very different sides of the man we've come to know today.

Joffery Baratheon

by Magali Villeneuve

Perfect, though the fruit of incest does look a little to cutesy, perfect in the illustration, both have managed to capture his nonchalant tyranny well.

Ned Stark

by John Picacio

Perfect. Both haggard and honorable Starks look incredible and just like how I would've imagined.

Cat Stark

by Artist Unknown

I really do love this illustration, because it captures the strength of Cat Stark perfectly. But Michelle Fairley is an absolute legend.

Robb Stark

by John Picacio

Picacio is an amazing artist, and here he is again breathing life into a perfect realization of the King in the North.

Bran Stark

by Aprilis420

This eventual tragic event has a beautiful dreamlike quality to it, which is quite apt for the young warg. Both the illustration and GoT's casting are fantastic.

Arya Stark

by Teilku

I love this. It's almost as if Arya took a trip to Middle Earth by Essos. A lovely drawing.

Sansa Stark

by bubug

Isn't this beautiful? The imagery alludes brilliant to poor Sansa's broken mind. Being all lost in the woods of confusion and loss, and surrounded by absolute animals.

Jon Snow

by John Picacio

Here's Picacio again! Can't get enough of his art! A wonderful reimagining of Jon Snow, though not rugged enough, unlike Kit Harrington's portrayal.

Daenerys Targaryen

by Michael Komarck

A great drawing of the epic birth of dragons, just as beautiful as Khaleesi herself.

Oberyn Martell

by Magali Villeneuve

It's amazing how different these could be. Here, the illustration has Oberyn looking menacingly badass, whereas in the show he was smooth, sophisticated and downright hilarious. But still didn't lose an ounce of his badass nature.


by Artist Unknown

Spot on once again. Dangerous and ruled by a fiery will, who is Melisandre? Hopefully we'll get to find out soon, huh?

What did you make of these?

Pretty awesome works, right? Man, I'm so happy season 5 has returned! Despite the leakage...


Which was your favorite piece?


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