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Even after a full season, Enzo, played by Michael Malarkey, remains quite an enigma on The Vampire Diaries. All we know is that he most certainly has a hardcore penchant for torture and an overwhelming hatred for Stefan. Plus, he so obviously has a thing for Caroline.

However, finally it seems as if we are about to learn more about the elusive vamp, especially following the introduction of Lily and Sarah Salvatore.

Upon the show's return on April 16th, prepare to learn more about Enzo and his mysterious past. In particular, we will find out more about the night that he was turned into a vampire.

EW has even provided us with an exclusive first look at his last night as a human:

Speaking about the next episode, titled 'I Could Never Love Like That,' Malarkey gave a glimpse into what lies in store:

"We finally get to discover the truth about how Enzo was turned into a vampire, which is exciting. We have a little flashback episode which delves into all of that, and his connection to Lily Salvatore.”

From this, many have speculated whether Enzo is actually a Salvatore - a long-lost brother?

Malarkey went on to confirm that Lily did indeed turn him and divulged some very interesting information about where he was when it happened:

"Well, he was basically dying of tuberculosis, and he's trying to get on this passenger ship to New York, which apparently has this doctor on board who claims he can cure tuberculosis."

What do you think this means?

Whilst you contemplate that, take a look at the promo for the next episode here:

Do you think Enzo could be Damon and Stefan's brother?



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